Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the shoe strings: just like that

monk and i wanted to take care of our immediate need.. very biological.. no not procreation or the requisite precendence .

food. we needed food. the everyday need but who cares. one more phone call . one more that very ridiculous chore which if not performed will not read 'armageddon'. but it was the lord's day. and we were backward bent on a good brunch. so though on the peril of being labelled persnickety by the monk, i took a quick shower and my wallet, the chapstick , ummm..... camera??

monk: do you need that camera?
shelledquantum: uhuh!
monk: (shrugging) whatever !..why??
shelledquantum: camera...

so monk, camera and i, headed off to the haven of salvation for every cullinary-skill lacking, breakfast craving, not very domestic average American wives... IHOP.

i am immodest. i am good at cooking. stellar. not a house frau mind you, but a wise demon who has enticed the monk by very innocuous sins like good cooking and many others which i care not to discuss now. but demons need rest. especially on the mornings of lord's day. also i am not american(thank god! my president is not Bush!) and i know i am not average!! way above that mark, you see!

so we drove out to IHOP. for brunch. on the lord's morn. and we saw a huge crowd that was starving and killing time around the reservation area. did that daunt me? no!

we reserved ourselves in... just like that!
waited to be seated...just like that!
i embarrassed monk by open display of one episode of carnal pleasure that lord allows in the church but man gapes when carried out in a waiting area... i kissed monk...just like that!!
so i see a couple sitting close to where monk and i, waiting for a table... just like that!
yes...a chubby bespectacled woman, a skinny unspectacled man, both young, both with denim overall and both quite canvas sneakers clad....just like that?? no!

it was planned!
it was nice!
it was my picture theme!
so ...

shelledquantum: hey good shoes.both of yours!!!
chubby woman: thanks
skinny man: thanks
shelledquantum: may i click a snap of your shoes?
chubby woman: sure, i love doing whacky thing like that
skinny man: (smiles to acquiesce)
shelledquantum: thanks

so i stood. monk turned purple with embarrassment. and i took a picture. i took the chubby woman's email id and i snapped off my camera and i went off to eat.

just like that!

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