Thursday, May 21, 2009 very much!!!

This morning as i walked into our team room, I see one colleague trying to solve a puzzle. She had to arrange four small parts to build a "T". She figured it out eventually. While she was doing it, she was thinking furiously. When she finished and I took it up, she was trying hard not to prod but could not help looking at what i was trying to do. And when the next person tried after me, I tried not to be too smug. This is it. Its a small dynamic really. Once u are amidst things, u try to make way and make things happen for yourself. Once u have it all figured out, u lose patience when others try to figure it out. If we all realise this and hold the impatience at bay, a lot many issues can solve eventually. It seems wise to let people figure out their way. They may take a while but they will get their bit done. Once they are done, you may be blamed that u never helped and even if you helped u may not get the credit. But the best deal out of the whole thing is, you are never expected to help again. One reason is that the other person realizes you will not really help him or her. More importantly the person is now confident in doing things himself or herself. However, there is one small injecture here, the confidence in the other person who is trying to learn, grows when the experienced onlooker in trying to be constructive while being patient. Any negative blow at this nascent stage of trying can be detrimental. What also can work at times is a detached approach with a light touch of encouragement. Detachment helps the other person to be self serving and encouragement is seen as an opposite to hostility. This combination helps a beginner more often that not. The world would have been ideal if aware and apprised people set up beginners for success and not failure. But then aware and apprised people may reflect brilliance only on the surface. Deep down they could and perhaps do harbour fear of losing out to someone else. Hence that false sense of bravado and that ridiculous one-upmanship.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the day's small love story

now not that i doubt why i got respectable with Monk and dint live in sin and love him inspite of being so trady...but then he has ways to be so lovely. why this morning i put on my consulting cap and reasoned that paying 6.5 grands to our always confused driver is expensive and math proved the number is not small when calculated for a year, i mean its almost 1/4th of my potential seat booking amount in a B-school (if they would have me that is), so why not bid him adieu..Monk looked up from his 100th paper of the day and said " deny him a living? my conscience does not allow. in this current recession he will have no takers...poor man's got to eat Babe!!!" so thus i so fell in love with him yet again..yeah he may never fire nincompoops if he is ever lucky to get to the top (most who get there are pretty much seasoned hard hearted bastards who think fucking happiness is an entitlement they have earned) but the man has a soul and thats why he is my Monk!! So like it has been since i always remember, the bed i sleep in shall smell fresh always and the bread broken shall be sweet and well deserved.... thank god its worth bringing babies to earth till likes of him exist!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The nice ladies!!

Every once in a while u meet some good people. They have quirks that leave u bemused but they re-iterate the fact that people like me can deep down get along with people who exist beyond the binary exitence. of yes and no. of pure black and mortuary white. i mean gimme a break, who needs to be so stiff with righteousness and all peaches and creme and wants the ghosts of urah heeps either!! plain have-a-thought-will-speak-it- out works fine instead of stewing over thoughts. this is why i like these two gals - "Swearhater" and "SometimesAbuser". Smart, quirky and fun to be!!! Good to people they define good (which sort of overlaps with my thoughts) and nasty to assholes!!!
they love their herbs and are pretty basic in their food...and are genuine,rational and intellectual. are not washed up like most ppl from B-schools...infact as i said they are not binary!!! they are cool they stay chilled. both of them are a tad pattable but hey thats why they are com"patable"... well girls.... rock on then!! i shall tutor you both with a detailed course on profanity very soon...till then hang in there!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Go earn your decree!!!

As you traverse this lovely earth
And wonder what in it marks your worth
Remember not everything is revealed
Some truths lay hidden and concealed
All the alms you ever gave
Sometimes when scared , yet the smile, hence the brave
It takes more than inches to be tall
It takes the brave to smile at spring , smile at fall
That one deed of selflessness
That one angst for restlessness
That celebration of the trough
That tenacity can be yours when things get tough
To be a friend, to be a son
To know when to tarry, when to run
To know how deep you can be, yet gracefully skim
To stay centered yet run the rim
Let all the Gods be with you
Let all the adversity challenge you
When the day’s dawn has had you tested
It is the day’s dusk that leaves you rested
And when your share of happiness comes your way
The happiness that comes to stay
Rise and meet it like a comrade
Embrace it, it is pure, purer than jade
So go now, you have a long way
You may not always have a guiding ray
And you may not tell this to all and sundry
But you must take that which is yours and set yourself free
So as you lift your anchor from that deep blue
And your sojourn beckons you
Hang in there, but hold tight
Fly high my friend but soar light

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Whispering wisdom

the limbo again, and a pregnant expectation. the stillness in my head portends a deluge, first a trickle , later the deluge. very soon i will one way or another mark pave a path..and i will walk this path.... i ask providence to once again whisper that talismanic chant in my it... i know u can do it....

just if...

if mitra, u had been lucent to the fact that greys remain greys and never turn to a vibgyor, it may have been a lovely week. you do know that never shall we meet, talk or ever see one another.may we never. never can not be too emphatic. so in anticipation i would have gone for a movie , a drink and a quiet book exchange. nothing fancy. fancy stuff is for show. just basic sketch of reality and a cognizance that hey i care, i am there, i am happy scarlet streaks in the sky sketch out for you. i nonetheless remain standing in this estuary of time...adieu!!! go light then!!!