Monday, April 27, 2009

hush my love!!!!

dear mitra!!!if i could i would tell you to wrap me up in your silence. in your quiet. in your calm. its a world i dont live in. your deliberate world of stickler to norm. i would ask u to tread very slowly even in your world. because there i shall be allowed to see artefacts i usually dont. like your glance of my feet. u just look at them. and have that lovely soft look. there is no judjement. its an act of liberation marking to possess. thats an artefact. i will putter around in the background. u do the thinking. its really pure, my this fondness of you , you see. i wish not to own you. that will be ridiculous. owning. you. your mulling is another artefact. please hurry with the gait. the world is not waiting to watch your dramtic entry. no not unless it was i who alone lived in this world. but alas! i i. i am even scared to acknowledge how many tears fill my soul when i think of you. tears are for cowards. i am a coward. the brave declare...or do they? tell me what will i ever do if u ever happen to implode. but then u will , you know. implode. u are so scared of your own power, you will implode. and even then u shall implode quietly, like a soft spill of milk on a white tile. like all sound sucked away from a room. as though the singular objective of this world would be to witness the spill. your spill. then all sound will return, the chaos would return. a pregnant dimension will contain you. that dimension would not hurt you.....ssshhhhhhhhh...... quiet!!! hush my love!!!.... SQ

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