Sunday, August 16, 2009

the tapri

he rescued an old flask, gathering dust, from a forgotten corner!!! and rinsed it. he donned his old straw yoga slippers, took a 10 rupee note, and slowly walked out the door. i was on my phone talking. i must have talked for 10 min and then he returned, sat down in the ricketty wooden Saharanpuri chain in the small terrace and sipped his tea. i came and rested my hand on his shoulders...he said he went and got some tea, made of tea powder from the tapri, a few yards further from our stark white apartment complex. he sipped it and i fell...well good somehow...simple things left simple

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serqets debris said...

most people dread the mundane, limiting their news and views to the extraordinary...its such a nice surprise then to discover someone revelling in it, understanding that its these little things, experiences and bits of trivia that add up to make our lives one hell of a ride. then again, i always knew you were one of a kind, something oh so special :)