Wednesday, December 02, 2009

let it flow, let it

i saw you as a lovely soft whisper of delicate energy. good souled. u danced in like most good serendipities do. the initial new days stay hazy, of how we got talking, what happened. one day you just told me of how he treats you, how he is and ur swollen eye rims tugged at my heart.

we spoke so many times, of how the nature of cosmic dance is. and u endeavored while i knew this will hurt. while she knew this will hurt. but like birth amd death, pain is complete, pain is inevitable, and pain is the truth. we cant be who we are with out pain can we. nothing beautiful happens with out pain- progeny, continents and new world. so u had to bite the dust. except that it strangely hurts. the anger is not for the one who had this coming your way, the anger is inexplicably for the look of utter bereft in your eyes. yes you pull yourself to your tall gait. but u do die. a little. there is rebirth with this slow death. this decay. but death is necessary for new life isn't it? dont they say, fear not the nadir because it is acme that hurts and while nadir caresses you, u can only stay safe.

u will exhale. gone will be the rose tinted glasses. gone will be the trusting gnome within. pain leaves its mark and it will be a part of your fabric. but you will be so free of guille.. and u will let go. plunge down like alice in wonderland. spiral away and land with a thud. and the rest awhile. you have a long hike up... to the clouds whence you belong... and well, you will get there. not today, may be not even tomorrow, but yes you will in your time...we all do.....

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Nikki said...

Yes we do!! :)