Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bow wow: the good bad girl

Mom's in town. And food's abound. Just not for the belly but for the soul, for the laughs. Topic du jour? Canine duo Mexi and Rexi. My Grand mom loved dogs. Like there was less chaos with 7 kids, their friends, million visitors , nosey neighbours, Bangladesh War, Meghalaya Liberation, Dylan revolution , BBC 7 AM news, ... You get the drift ... To the whole pandemonium please  add dogs. Mad dogs.

Rexi was a dawg. Snapping at people's heels. Making Ina and Meena Aunty run in Sarees and making Melony's "cow" in her stomach moo.. Melany was the neighbourhood kid who ate cow instead of beef for lunch.

So Rexi was chained to a cemented stilt that supported the  cottage like home. Next to the pear tree. Not that it mattered. He dint care about no pears. He just wanted freedom. To chase Ina and Meena Aunty. And Melony who ate a cow ... For lunch.

Mexi is the kind of girl everyone deserves. You know that almost bad ass girl who is not so bad after all but so loyal that she is hopelessly ... Good??? That's Mexi for you... Mexi-quo

Now back then Big Basket was not a mini tempo ferrying stuff four times a day. It was a Nepali Daju or Khasi Mama carrying a tookree aka basket with baked spoils. Grand Mom's little globe required tons of food. Loaves were quintessential to compliment  her endless jelly n jam loot. The footie food soldier brought them loaves once a day to the whole neighbourhood. Going door to door. No matter how diligently he counted his inventory he was always running short of a few loaves. It one day occurred to the poor bloke that the inventory loss was occurring at Grand Mom's residence. So one day he waited to catch the thief.

It was Mexi. She would steal a loaf. Eat half and keep the second half for her partner in crime Rexi. Twilight Liberty meant a stashed away half a loaf !!! Kept secure by the almost badass girl.

Now ye all know that's a girl you need ... A good bad girl.
A good bad girl with food in mind. Bow wow ....

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