Friday, September 05, 2008

dance versus dancer

500 calories. 43 minutes. 6.3 km/hr. i am happy at what the treadmill display console reads. uriah heep in my ipod muses about the dancer and the dance the dancer dances. and we need to choose. but may be they already know the answer. sometimes its not the person...for all his or her exsitence, that person has both white and black hues. and like memorable pictures some moments are so intense and the color of your person at that moment is so all pervasive that the color becomes the code. so the world can judge and it does. but what remains eternal is the creation of that person. you can hate it or love it but not deny it. and if that work has dedication and it has the earnest you imbue a magic. it is called "eternity". so at the end it is the dance of natraja that is famous and not so much natraja...there uraih heep... you boys knew it, dint you now???

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