Monday, September 29, 2008

the romantic dead

in the eerie silence of the night , with no soul a plaintive cry away, i wake up at around 2am. the occasional hound-barks by no means lull me to sleep. i think of the space empty next to mine. Monk is travelling. i dont miss the sudden rude kick in my shin. i do miss the soft rythmic breathing. it is assuring. i think of far away. i think of Diamonds and Rust. Baez and Dylon. i think of the cosmic coupling i must have read in some new age "fix your sex and marriage " stuff.... when i think of Diamonds and Rust i can feel the words of Robert Kincaid to Francesca. a sentimental tear takes shape and disappears in the white linen. i feel foolish. i realize i am the romantic dead!!!

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