Monday, June 22, 2009

do the math floozie!!!

mba mitigates risk. u get a job. u get paid. become another coca-cola bottle, lady luck may appoint u a prodigal child and u may appear in CNN live or in WSJ or in ET, but hey its like the government bond. low risk low return.

i flirt with "what if i quit the rat race and write a book". that means i then go to Davidar from Penguin and see how can i get my book published. and well, wait, what then, I also walk in as another one to give him a run around?...he writes and publishes too. wont i be another threat. what am i worth to him really? and more importantly, then what do i write as my eulogy - consulting background, married and lives with her husband and money plants on 8th floor in Kondapur, Hyderabad? where is the Oxford? where is the Mumbai or New York? and imagine my "Blah Blah" titled book next to "Etc. etc." by Rushdie, Seth, Pamuk and Lessing...not to forget Huxley!! who will read me?

see thats why an mba....low risk low return...shut the gob and do the dhanda, like the great Cornflakes Toad!!!

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serqets debris said...

how about starting small - freelancing 600/1200 word pieces for youth mags, newspaper supplements etc - and work up to shelf space with the gods hmmm??? i've told you before, you so so soooo have it in about taking up washedup's tale?? that is a piece of fiction right??