Friday, June 12, 2009

o jeeeeeeeeez..

i caught Ahem digging something. nose! i would and should have been grossed out. but i was not. why? i was enthralled by the expression of intense concentration. the utter bliss at locating the itchy malicious culprit, Iggy. Our digger did what i expected ... took out Iggy, looked at Iggy dispationnately, rolled Iggy between the fingers and let Iggy roll away on the soft carpeted floor of the mnc office space. till Miss Stilts passed by, perhaps having just crushed Iggy mercilessly under those profanely expensive shoes, smiled at Ahem, shook hands with Ahem and said " Good Morning"

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serqets debris said...

LOL! that's why a namaste wins pants down each and every time when dealing with a member of the opposite sex