Monday, June 22, 2009

It ain't easy no where, darling!!!

consulting sucks. especially if u are a woman. and a married one at that. office work gets endless. home gets tiring with spoilt spouses who become suddenly juvenile after marriage and maids not turning up. nothing else is so bad. or so i thought. till recently one of my maths faculties in my GMAT coaching institute told me her schedule of 18-hours day. she leaves home at 5.30 am and reaches back at 8.30 pm to find kids hungry and wailing and the husband on the computer playing some game. as she asks him why the kids went hungry, she gets a screaming match. she gets a day off a week. never a saturday or sunday and never off on a holiday. whoever said life is fair. yet day in and day out , so many of us GMAT aspirants try re-schedule timings coz we have some work threads to be taken care of. and she relents. just this morning with GMAT 4 weeks away I was hyper-ventilating, and she re-assured that with her around, things should be smoothe for me. i just hope she has that kind of a mentor too!!

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shiva bebarta said...

Good analogy , all of us are so caught up in our lives that we hardly appreciate what other's go through ..a little bit of patience and understanding will help alleviate that fact and make life even more wonderful