Sunday, May 17, 2009

the day's small love story

now not that i doubt why i got respectable with Monk and dint live in sin and love him inspite of being so trady...but then he has ways to be so lovely. why this morning i put on my consulting cap and reasoned that paying 6.5 grands to our always confused driver is expensive and math proved the number is not small when calculated for a year, i mean its almost 1/4th of my potential seat booking amount in a B-school (if they would have me that is), so why not bid him adieu..Monk looked up from his 100th paper of the day and said " deny him a living? my conscience does not allow. in this current recession he will have no takers...poor man's got to eat Babe!!!" so thus i so fell in love with him yet again..yeah he may never fire nincompoops if he is ever lucky to get to the top (most who get there are pretty much seasoned hard hearted bastards who think fucking happiness is an entitlement they have earned) but the man has a soul and thats why he is my Monk!! So like it has been since i always remember, the bed i sleep in shall smell fresh always and the bread broken shall be sweet and well deserved.... thank god its worth bringing babies to earth till likes of him exist!!!


serqets debris said...

babies? BABIES????? are we looking at visiting the maternity ward anytime soon??? TELL!

quantum said...

nah not hazlings yet... hell with a potential parent full of mad ideas , they might as well have a slightly older, diffused one