Friday, May 15, 2009

The nice ladies!!

Every once in a while u meet some good people. They have quirks that leave u bemused but they re-iterate the fact that people like me can deep down get along with people who exist beyond the binary exitence. of yes and no. of pure black and mortuary white. i mean gimme a break, who needs to be so stiff with righteousness and all peaches and creme and wants the ghosts of urah heeps either!! plain have-a-thought-will-speak-it- out works fine instead of stewing over thoughts. this is why i like these two gals - "Swearhater" and "SometimesAbuser". Smart, quirky and fun to be!!! Good to people they define good (which sort of overlaps with my thoughts) and nasty to assholes!!!
they love their herbs and are pretty basic in their food...and are genuine,rational and intellectual. are not washed up like most ppl from B-schools...infact as i said they are not binary!!! they are cool they stay chilled. both of them are a tad pattable but hey thats why they are com"patable"... well girls.... rock on then!! i shall tutor you both with a detailed course on profanity very soon...till then hang in there!!!

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