Monday, May 11, 2009

Go earn your decree!!!

As you traverse this lovely earth
And wonder what in it marks your worth
Remember not everything is revealed
Some truths lay hidden and concealed
All the alms you ever gave
Sometimes when scared , yet the smile, hence the brave
It takes more than inches to be tall
It takes the brave to smile at spring , smile at fall
That one deed of selflessness
That one angst for restlessness
That celebration of the trough
That tenacity can be yours when things get tough
To be a friend, to be a son
To know when to tarry, when to run
To know how deep you can be, yet gracefully skim
To stay centered yet run the rim
Let all the Gods be with you
Let all the adversity challenge you
When the day’s dawn has had you tested
It is the day’s dusk that leaves you rested
And when your share of happiness comes your way
The happiness that comes to stay
Rise and meet it like a comrade
Embrace it, it is pure, purer than jade
So go now, you have a long way
You may not always have a guiding ray
And you may not tell this to all and sundry
But you must take that which is yours and set yourself free
So as you lift your anchor from that deep blue
And your sojourn beckons you
Hang in there, but hold tight
Fly high my friend but soar light

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